Election Fun Network (EFN) is proud to partner with the War Room in delivering facts and fun in advance of the 2022 midterms through the revolutionary board game, Election 2020, You Decide.

Known as “The Game”, Election 2020, You Decide is a game-changer that spotlights the footage and fraud from the 2020 election to shift narratives and expose the hypocrisy of the mainstream media on a platform that can’t be cancelled.

“A multi-media experience at your truth-seeking fingertips.”


Assistant to the President, Director of Trade/Manufacturing Policy during Trump administration, American economist, author, In Trump Time.

Together, EFN and the War Room reach households across the country with a multi-media experience that takes on every topic from the 2020 presidential election, including the Russia Hoax, Fauci, Chinese Virus, Voter Irregularities, Corruption, Fake News, and even Hunter’s Laptop. Election 2020, You Decide blends the baseline of unfiltered facts with woke-free wit in a must-have board game that finally let’s Americans decide for themselves.

As our nation continues to face sky-high gas prices and historic inflation, Election 2020, You Decide serves as a time capsule for the Cabal’s assault on democracy during the Trump presidency, providing a permanent reminder of how we arrived here. By integrating patented QR technology, game cards become gateways to past and present footage, enabling players to connect the dots across a fluid stream of current events, politics and media.

EFN and the War Room share in a common goal to reach voters with conservative values in advance of the midterms. Through political parody and hilarious “no-holds barred” humor, Election 2020, You Decide breaks through left-leaning cancel culture to entertain Americans with a sought-after, premium product, made in the U.S.A.

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