About Election Fun Network

The Election Fun Network (EFN) is a news-based content platform created to inform the voting public through political parody and advanced technology.

The network provides a revolutionary format featuring cross-over avatar characterizations designed to engage audiences through newsroom spoof, opposing ideologies and enhanced entertainment.

In a broadcast first, EFN features The Talking Heads, an avatar anchor team delivering satire-rich segments with a custom hybrid of hilarious monologue and media.

Led by Dr. Richard Head, World-Renowned Virologist, and his supporting cast, The Talking Heads are the most sought-after personalities in gaming, politics, and product development as the founders, faces and innovators behind Election 2020, You Decide – also known as “The Game”.

EFN Anchors Present Clips from “The Game”

Kelly Foxy | Fauci’s Perfect Pitch

Rolf Schnitzer | Russia Hoax

Raquel Sadnow | Corrupt Ballots

Meet the EFN News Team

“There are no tap outs at EFN.”

Dr. Richard Head, BIGFD Director, is a World-Renowned Virologist and Chief Advisor to 47 countries. He holds six PHDs and speaks nine languages, both orally and with sign language. Dick has served the American public for over 40 years.

In his spare time, Dr. Head was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for single-handedly creating his own COVID-19 vaccine ahead of all of the pharmaceutical giants. Dr. Head also received the Fields Medal for discovering that mathematics is not racist. He is a 4x Super Bowl MVP, a 3x World Chess Champion, a 2x Cy Young Award Winner, a Polo high scorer, a popular resort figure and a raconteur. The Most Interesting Man in the World was his intern.

Dr. Head collects fake autographs and counts ballroom dancing among his many hobbies. He has also accumulated the most expansive night vision goggle collection in the world.

Dr. Head serves as the Executive Producer and Showrunner of The Talking Heads. He oversees product and content development, acts as a regular contributor on all EFN programming and is an outspoken critic of Mr. Tony Fauci.

Thor Duomo

“We handle the heavy lifting of honest reporting.”

Thor Duomo is the EFN Chief Weightlifting Correspondent, best known as the “Iron Man of Politics” for his prime-time early morning segment, Pumping Politicians.

As the host of Pumping Politicians (M-F, 5:00 ET), Thor invites fitness buffs and bi- partisan newsmakers for a daily no-holds barred, heavy-weight analysis of politics and bulging analytics.

Throughout the show, Thor lifts the veil on powder smoothies to start the day, closing each segment with a five-minute stretch before signing off with his token catchphrase, “Mix It Up, America”.

Thor’s notable career began by placing third in the 9th grade weightlifting competition. He was also voted “Second Strongest Senior” in his graduation class. Thor spends his weekends fine-tuning his family’s award-winning spaghetti recipes while polishing his “50 Sexiest Heads” trophy.

Stats: 6'2', Chest 57, Waist 34, Arms 22, Thighs 28, Calves 19.5

Regular season 235 lb, Off-season 260 lb

Kelly Foxy

“The cancelled culture just woke up.”

Kelly Foxy is a triple threat, acting as an EFN political correspondent, co-anchor of the morning news program Morning Heads and host of The Foxy Files.

Co-anchor of Morning Heads, Kelly is joined by Henderson Blooper as the dynamic duo discuss the headline news of the day (M-F, 9:00 ET). Kelly and co-anchor Henderson wake up and welcome hard-hitting newsmakers to parody everyday politicians. As host of The Foxy Files, Kelly’s head-turning style also takes center stage in a weekly feature that covers fashion, entertainment and culture, before it’s cancelled. (Th, 5:00 ET)

Kelly began her career as a research associate at Supreme Justice. There, Kelly led the other associates in forming the Foxy Court, where, as a team, they covered the daily indiscretions of corporate heads and politicians. Kelly credits her Miss Teen USA bombshell past for her high-wattage star power, and the The Coppertone Girl coveted crown for the longevity of her career.

Kelly graduated Cum Laude from the prestigious University of Phoenix. Kelly is ambidextrous and a black belt karate. In her time off, Kelly doubles as a PADI Certified Scuba Diving Instructor.

Henderson Blooper

“We make the bloopers bi-partisan.”

Henderson Blooper is an EFN broadcast journalist, co-anchor of the morning news program Morning Heads and host of the laugh-out-loud Blooper 180.

As co-anchor of Morning Heads, Henderson joins Kelly Foxy each morning to discuss the headlines of the day (M-F, 9:00 ET). Henderson also prides himself on delivering unfiltered access to the political blooper reels of the week through Blooper 180 (Wednesday, 5:00 ET). Blooper 180 spotlights the special moments that must be seen again and again to believe they occurred in the first place.

Henderson also acts as the EFN Chief Holiday Correspondent, bringing sought-after special segments such as EFN: Joe Biden Takes on The White House Easter Bunny and the annual EFN New Year’s Eve Celebration. A Paris Figure Skating Champion, Henderson shines as he lands a triple axel to launch the EFN Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Spectacular year over year.

Native to New York, Henderson was a 2x US Open Ball Boy and Captain of the 8th Grade Flag Football Team. He is fluent in Mandarin and Farsi. Henderson received his first Emmy award for his coverage of the Bangkok Boys in Phuket, Thailand.

Raquel Sadnow

“We weather the storm of mainstream deceit.”

Raquel Sadnow is a liberal political commentator and host of the EFN evening news segment, Woke Weeknights. (M-F, 5:00 ET). Raquel’s satellite talk-radio program of the same name ran from 2015 to 2020. Raquel serves the network’s nightly wrap-up, bringing audiences a 20-minute monologue featuring the hotly debated yet always diverse issues of the day.

Throughout her tenure, Raquel has frequently filled in as guest anchor on Morning Heads. She leads EFN’s ongoing coverage of climate change through her daily weather report, Hail the Rainbows (M-F, 5:30 ET). Beloved for her transparency, Raquel rakes in the ratings with her fan-favorite, all-weather send-off, “Warmest Regards from Raquel”.

A Rhodes Scholar and sushi enthusiast, Raquel counts competitive fencing, finger painting and golf as hobbies. She credits both their Homecoming Queen crown and role as a strapping Captain of the High School Girls’ Basketball Team for shaping her ability to provide ongoing inclusive coverage.

Tuckle Carson

“We serve truth-seekers with satire to keep it real.”

Tuckle Carson currently serves as host of EFN’s weekend program, Real Talk with Tuckle, (Sat/Sun, 6:00 ET). Through Real Talk, Tuckle reveals a rightful perspective and unfiltered effort to expose the shifting narrative in America.

Prior to his weekend programming, Tuckle founded and served as Editor-in-Chief of CARL, a glossy monthly magazine covering the faces and places behind the biggest stars in politics. Tuckle, the youngest Editor-in-Chief in the history of national print magazines, received glowing 5-star reviews and industry accolades for the groundbreaking features often found in the pages of each issue.

Tuckle is a devoted father and counts cello and fly fishing among his many hobbies. He is also an expert archer and avid watch collector. Tuckle is proudest to have competed in “Dancers Among the Stars”, having narrowly missed out on the coveted trophy with his perfect 10 performance of the Cha Cha Cha.

Rolf Schnitzer

“We’re taking voters on the road in 2022.”

Rolf Schnitzer is an American journalist, published author and Head of the EFN Election Integrity Team. As the Head, Rolf fact checks the fact-checkers through each election cycle. Rolf is revered for his “boots on the ground” candidate coverage, reporting live from the campaign trails in his on-the-road segment, Riding with Rolf. Rolf also doubles as the Head of HR for EFN.

Widely known for his loyalty, Rolf sat in the breakroom for five minutes beside his friend and colleague, Dr. Richard Head, as Dr. Head solved the scientific riddle of developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Rolf’s detailed notes of the experience would later be developed into his best-selling coffee-table book, Breaking Science: The Story of Richard and Rolf.

Through his distinguished career, Rolf has penned dozens of novels, including critically acclaimed best-sellers such as The Talking Head of State and Racing Through the Polls.

In his spare time, Rolf enjoys hosting cocktail parties with the political elites. He is a world trap and skeet champion and enjoys working as a bone fishing guide in the Bahamas during off-season. Rolf cites home-schooling and Tarleton State University as having provided the foundation for his success.

Candle Glowens

“We light up audiences on both sides of the aisle.”

Candle Glowens is an American activist, widely acknowledged as the most conservative and hardworking EFN commentator. Candle is a published author, sought-after speaker and host of Candle Cares, the longest-running EFN weekly segment and a staple series dedicated to inspiring audiences to take charge of their day, week and lives. (Sun, 9:00 ET).

An impassioned EFN host, Candle is the first to enter the newsroom and the last to leave, gaining admiration amongst the entire news team for her tireless dedication and unrivaled work ethic. She is a 3x EFN Employee of the Month, closely trailing Tuckle Carson for the most gold stars on the EFN breakroom leader board.

Candle is the best-selling author of Glowing Recipes, a stand-out cookbook featuring her world-famous clam chowder. She is also a world-renowned mixologist, known for her signature cocktail, The Candy Cane.

Election 2020 You Decide is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody, or spoof of such persons and is not intended to communicate any true or factual information about that person, place, or event. Election 2020 You Decide is intended for a mature audience.